• filefreezer: A simple to deploy cloud file storage system with zero-knowledge encryption and file versioning written in Go.

  • gimmick: A Go embedable lisp language with REPL.

  • fizzle: An OpenGL rendering engine written in Go.

  • cubez: A 3d physics engine written natively in Go.

  • assimp-go: A Go language wrapper for the ASSIMP library.

  • gombz: A Go library providing a serializable data structure for 3d models and animations.

  • noisey: A Go library that generates coherent noise with algorithims like perlin and simplex noise.

  • glider: A collision library in Go for AABB style geometry.

  • groggy: A simple Go library for creating custom logging routines.

  • vamos: A web server written in Go that runs this website.


  • PortableGLUE: An MIT licensed 3d engine written in C with optional embedded Lua scripting.

  • glfw-gambit: An MIT licensed basic wrapper around glfw 2.x for Gambit Scheme

  • ExitStrategy: A GPLv3 licensed game written in Haskell. I stalled on the project after getting frustrated with managing game state in Haskell.